Thank you to everyone who came out and auditioned!  We are incredibly excited for this show and can't wait to see it on the stage in September.


Stephen Mouillesseaux as Antipholus of Syracuse

Erin Isaacs as Antipholus of Ephesus

Adam Trelatsky as Dromio of Syracuse

Andreas Anderson as Dromio of Ephesus

Elizabeth (Bethy) Harmelin as Adriana

Alyssa Sorci as Luciana

Maricella Monterrubio as Courtezan

Heather Simmons as Angela

Linda Hammer-Brown as Emilia/Merchant 1

Scott Silveira as Egeon/Pinch

Seferina Perez as Nell/Servant

Karen Damme as Duchess Solinus

David Brown as Balthazar/Merchant 2

Erik McAllister as Officer/Gaoler

Merced Shakespearefest