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As You Like It


Duke Frederick has banished his sister, Duchess Senior, and usurped her power. He allows her daughter, Rosalind, to stay at court with Frederick’s daughter, Celia, her best friend. Watching a wrestling match, Rosalind falls in love with Orlando, one of the contestants. He is a young man of nobility but is mistreated by his older brother, Oliver. Orlando is victorious over the champion wrestler, but is advised to flee the court. His old servant, Eve, leaves with him. Rosalind also incurs the Duke’s displeasure and is banished.  Celia runs away with her, and they take the clown Touchstone with them.

In the forest of Arden where Duchess Senior lives happily, Rosalind arrives dressed as a man with Celia disguised as her sister, calling themselves Ganymede and Aliena. They buy a farm and decide to live as shepherds. Orlando, together with Eve, is taken in by the Duchess in the forest. Her noble men and women enjoy the life in the woods, and so do the newcomers. Touchstone woos the country wench Audrey who is loved by William, the melancholic Jaques is fascinated by the clown, and the shepherdess Phoebe refuses the faithful Silvius.


Orlando, also in love with Rosalind, leaves love messages for her all over the forest. When Rosalind (as Ganymede) meets him, she persuades him to treat her like he would Rosalind, just so he can practice wooing. They meet and banter, but Orlando does not recognize her. Phoebe, however, falls for Rosalind in men’s clothing. Meanwhile, Duke Frederick has sent Oliver after his younger brother. In the forest, Orlando saves his brother from a lion and they are reconciled. Oliver and Celia fall in love immediately. All the confusion is finally solved by Rosalind, who meets with all of them, including the duchess.  The goddess of marriage, Hymen, blesses all four couples in the end.



AS YOU LIKE IT: Shakespeare's Feminist Play


Michael Lynch


All the female characters in Shakespeare's plays, as was the custom of the time, were actually boys and men dressed as females, whose characteristics are dictated by the norms of the time, where women are confined to the restrictions placed upon them by the male domination.  Women were to represent obedience, chastity, and  silence.  But in his play, AS YOU LIKE IT, we see a very "modern" take on the female psyche.  Here we see a woman, taking her own initiative to change the way things are to get what she wants.  She is love with a fine fellow and she will do all in her power to get him.  She dresses like a man to give her the freedom to do such, without societal restrictions. In our production, we have emphasized this attitude.


It has been said that Shakespeare wrote AS YOU LIKE IT to please his audience and give them what they want, lovers, marriages, clowns and a happy ending.  Everything, even today...As we like it.

The Cast

David Hambley                                       Duke Frederick

Heike Hambley                                       Duchess Senior/Duchess in Exile

Briana Garcia                                         Rosalind, daughter to Duchess in Exile

Sheila Correa                                          Celia, daughter to Frederica

Justin Ledezma                                         Touchstone, the court jester    

Ana Yajaira Sanchez                                La Belle, Lady at court/ Goddess Hymen

Jeffry Jackson                                           Orlando, a young noble

Matthew Rivera                                       Oliver, his older brother

Jacob Garcia                                          Charles, the wrestler/William

Sandra Hay                                            Eve, Orlando’s servant

Michael Abruzzo                                     Jaques, a lord to Duchess in Exile

Niara Jones                                            Lady Amiens, singer to Duchess in Exile

Heather Simmons                                     Lady 1 to Duchess i.E.

Tess Barklay                                            Lady 2 to Duchess i.E

Davin Soehnen                                        Corin, a shepherd

Cheney Mc Gee                                     Silvius, a shepherd in love with Phoebe

Alyssa McCabe                                      Phoebe, a young shepherdess

Robyn Swain                                          Audrey, a country wench

The Staff and Crew

Director                                                 Michael Lynch

Producers                                              Sandra Hay, Heike Hambley

Stage Manager/Assist. Director                 Emily McSwain

Costumer                                               Eulalia Gamez

Props Manager                                       Jenell Barnes

Fight choreographer                                Ambrose Mac

Composer                                             Tonatiuh Newbold

Sound Engineer                                      Emily McSwain

Sound assistant                                       Maggie Mc Swain

Tech Assistant                                         Naomi Parra

Drop Artist                                             Katt Szyndler

Poster/Photos                                         Shawn Overton

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