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Plot Summary of 12th Night

On the resort island Illyria tourists from two resort hotels enjoy the sun at the beach. However, the two owners, Orsino and Olivia, are not so happy. Orsino pines for Olivia, but she is in mourning for the deaths of family members and is not interested in love. Soon their staff and guests are pulled into their drama. This includes Viola whose yacht sank in a recent storm and she is swept ashore. She believes her twin brother is drowned. To survive, she disguises herself as a man, calls herself Caesario and goes to work for Orsino. She soon falls in love with him. Orsino, unaware of Viola’s true identity, sends her to court Olivia on his behalf. However, Olivia falls for Caesario instead, believing her to be a man. In addition to the love triangle of those three, Olivia’s uncle Toby, his friends Andrew, Maria and Fabiana like to party and contrive a plot against the stern head steward Malvolio. They are trying to embarrass Malvolio and Maria writes him a letter, imitating Olivia’s handwriting, so he believes she is in love with him.

In the meantime, Viola’s twin brother, Sebastian, arrives at the resort, having been found and brought to health by Antonio. He thinks his sister has drowned. Sebastian wants to explore the beach town leaving Antonio who is a wanted man there.

Andrew is encouraged to fight with Caesario as it is noticeable that Olivia has feelings for him. Caesario/Viola is not a fighter and runs away, but Sebastian runs into the fray, almost comes out as the winner, but Olivia stops the fight and persuades him to marry her on the spot. In the end the happy twins are reunited and everything is resolved. Orsino and Viola can get married, only Malvolio is unhappy about the joke played on him.


Orsino – Albert Martinez

Viola – Rose Pino

Sebastian – Zariah Quevedo

Olivia – Haley Paulissian

Toby – Valiant Reyes

Andrew – Cheney McGee

Maria – Pam Quevedo

Malvolio – David Hambley

Fabiana – Kelly Bentz

Captain/Valentine/Priest – David Spieker

Feste – Niara Jones

Antonio – Leon Cortez

Officers – Tierra Banks, Sal Lopez

Dancers – Alina Morales, Lilah Perez


Creative Team


Director – Sandy Hay

Artistic Director/Producer – Heike Hambley

Stage Manager – Corrina Bishop

Assistant Stage Manager – Naomi Parra

Costumer – Eulalia Gamez

Props Manager – Jenell Barnes

Backdrop Artist – Katt Szyndler, Patrick Alonzo, Zack Robinson

Fight Choreographer – Ambrose Mac

Sound Engineer – Emily Mc Swain

Sound Assistant – Maggie McSwain

Tech Crew – David Hambley, Matthew Rivera, Isai Ramos

Photography – Shawn Overton

Poster – Sandy Hay, Shawn Overton


Special thanks to

South Pacific Dance Company, Colton Dennis and the MAC, GB Blackmon III and Playhouse Merced, United Methodist Church of Merced, Shawn Overton

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