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Pericles Synopsis

The story teller Gower welcomes everybody and will fill in details of the action. Pericles, the young Prince of Tyre, is in Antioch, but finds out that Antiochus, the King of Antioch, has an incestuous relationship with his daughter. Antiochus is determined to kill him and sends an assassin after him. Pericles flees back to Tyre where his counsellor Helicanus advises him to travel while he would rule in his name. His first stop is Tarsus where he supplies food to the people and is thanked by the governor Cleon and his wife Dyoniza. Most travel in this eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea is dangerous; during his next trip the ship is wrecked and Pericles crawls up on the beach of Pentapolis. Three fishermen find him and help him to the court of King Simonides. Pericles wins a tournament where the prize is Thaisa, the beautiful daughter of the king. They fall in love and get married, supported by her father. On the way home to Tyre they encounter another bad storm, the pregnant Thaisa gives birth to a daughter on the ship. She apparently dies, and the grieving Pericles has to bury her in a watertight coffin at sea. He takes his little daughter who is called Marina to Tarsus to have her raised by Cleon and Dyoniza. The coffin with Thaisa is carried by the water to Ephesus where the healer Cerimon finds her being alive and helps her to become a priestess.

16 years later Marina is a beautiful young woman, and Dyoniza is jealous because Marina outshines her daughter. She instructs an assassin to murder her, but pirates kidnap her just in time. When Pericles comes to Tarsus and hears his daughter is dead, he falls in despair. In the meantime Mariana is sold to a brothel in Mytelene. Very soon Lysimachus, the governor of Mytilene, is impressed by Marina’s purity and beauty, and helps her to her freedom. Pericles who has not cut his hair for a long time and does not talk to anybody arrives with Helicanus. He and Marina meet, they soon recognize each other and there is a joyful reunion. Lysimachus lets him know that he is proposing to Marina. In a dream Pericles gets instructed to go to Ephesus. There he finds Thaisa in the temple, they recognize each other, and the whole family is happily reunited.



Gower, poet and chorus

Dennis Brown

Pericles, Prince of Tyre

Alejandro Gutierrez

Thaisa, his wife/Bawd

Claudia Boehm

Marina, his daughter/Messenger

Aralyn Day

King Antiochus/Sailor/Gentleman

Gary Thomas

His Daughter/Dionyza/Fisher

Chelsea King

Cerimon, a healer/Bolt/Fisher

Colton Dennis

King Simonides/Thaliard/Pirate

Scott Silveira


Jordan Ellis


Jim Bennett


Heather Simmons

Goddess Diana/Sailor/Gentleman

Niara Jones


David Spieker



Heike Hambley

Stage Manager

Katt Szyndler

Assistant Stage Manager

Leon Espinoza-Cortez

Costume Designer

Eulalia Gamez

Props Manager

Jenell Barnes

Lighting Designer

Robert Hypes


Shawn Overton


Brianna Macias, Katt Szyndler