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The Secret Love Life
of Ophelia

The Secret Love Life of Ophelia - Bethy Harmelin Colton Dennis-1.jpg

December 1 & 2
7:30 PM
at The MAC
645 W Main Street

Merced Shakespearefest will be capping off its 2023 season with a staged reading of “The Secret Love Life of Ophelia,” a contemporary play that follows the flirtations and hidden plans of Hamlet and Ophelia, one of Shakespeare’s most tragic couples.  The story, which takes place during the events of Hamlet, follows their relationship as it transitions from innocence to love before taking a darker turn into deception and madness.  This production features the acting talents of Bethy Harmelin and Colton Dennis, and will take place December 1 and 2 at The Merced Multicultural Arts Center.
This will be the final production of Merced Shakespearefest’s 23rd season, which included “All’s Well That Ends Well” last March and “As You Like It” in June.  With “The Secret Love Life of Ophelia,” Merced Shakes is expanding its repertoire beyond the works of Shakespeare to include contemporary works related to the Bard.  Written by renowned writer, actor, and director Steven Berkoff, this play brings a modern sensibility to the relationship between Hamlet and Ophelia while maintaining the powerful language and deep emotional stakes of Shakespeare’s works.
“The Secret Love Life of Ophelia” will be presented at the Black Box Theatre at The Merced Multicultural Arts Center, 645 W. Main St. in Merced.  Performances will be December 1 and 2 at 7:30, and tickets will be $10 at the door.  
Due to mature content and themes, this play is not recommended for children.
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