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As You Like It

Rosalind escapes into the countryside to escape persecution in her Uncle's royal court.  As she finds safety in her new location, she meets an assortment of new and interesting people, and perhaps even finds love.  Presented as FREE Shakespeare in the Park, this performance will be at the MOAT in Applegate Park June 17-25.

Congratulations to the Cast of As You Like It

Kim Nolan                                               Duchess Frederica/Duchess in Exile

Briana Garcia                                          Rosalind, daughter to Duchess in Exile

Sheila Correa                                          Celia, daughter to Frederica

Justin Ledezma                                         Touchstone, the court jester    

Ana Yajaira Sanchez                                La Belle, Lady at court/ Goddess Hymen

Jeffry Jackson                                           Orlando, a young noble

Matthew Rivera                                       Oliver, his older brother

Jacob Garcia                                           Charles, the wrestler/William

Sandra Hay                                            Eve, Orlando’s servant

Michael Abruzzo                                     Jaques, a lord to Duchess in Exile

Niara Jones                                             Lady Amiens, singer to Duchess in Exile

Heather Simmons                                     Lady 1 to Duchess i.E.

Tess Barklay                                            Lady 2 to Duchess i.E

Luis Cayetano Simmari                              Corin, a shepherd

Cheney Mc Gee                                     Silvius, a shepherd in love with Phoebe

Alyssa McCabe                                       Phoebe, a young shepherdess

Robyn Swain                                           Audrey, a country wench

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