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Auditions for “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” will be July 30th at The MAC.  This will be the season finale of Merced Shakespearefest’s 22nd season.  Roles are available for all actors ages ten and over. 
Performances will be at The Merced Theatre September 30th through October 2nd, with a possible school show on the 30th.  Rehearsals will begin August 15th.
Auditions will be at The Merced Multicultural Arts Center, 645 W. Main St, on July 30th.  There will be two sessions: 11 AM to 1 PM and 2 to 4 PM.  Additional auditions will be held on August 2nd 7 PM to 9 PM for anyone who can’t make the 30th.  The show will be directed by Heike Hambley and Shawn Overton.
There’s no need to prepare anything for auditions, though it’s recommended that everyone familiarize themselves with the play.  Just show up we’ll provide you with everything you need.
All are welcome to audition, regardless of experience.  “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” is Shakespeare’s take on what happens when the real world and the supernatural collide.  It’s a hilariously chaotic story of love, absurdity, and beauty, and this production will be a celebration of everything that makes theatre magical. 
If you have any questions regarding auditions or the show, feel free to send an email to
We will be casting for the following roles:

Athenian Court:

THESEUS, Duke of Athens

HIPPOLYTA, Queen of the Amazons, bethrothed to Theseus

EGEA, mother of Hermia

LYSANDER, in love with Hermia

DEMETRIUS, preferred by Egea as a match for Hermia

HERMIA, in love with Lysander

HELENA, in love with Demetrius

PHILOSTRATE, Master of the Revels at the court of Theseus


PETER QUINCE, carpenter (Prologue in the play ‘Pyramus and Thisbe’)

NICK BOTTOM, weaver (Pyramus)

FRANCIS FLUTE, bellows-mender (Thisbe)

TAM SNOUT, tinker (Wall)

ROBIN STARVELING, tailor (Moonshine)

SNUG, joiner (Lion)

Fairy Court:


OBERON, King of the Fairies

TITANIA, Queen of the Fairies

PUCK, or ROBIN GOODFELLOW, Oberon’s jester and attendant







There may also be additional non-speaking roles.